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What's New in Intune | Feb 7 | SR 2112

Week of February 7, 2022

Device security

Microsoft Tunnel support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5

You can now use Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.5 with Microsoft Tunnel.

To support RHEL 8.5, we’ve also updated the readiness tool (mst-readiness) with a new check for the presence of the ip_tables module in the Linux kernel. By default, RHEL 8.5 doesn’t load the ip_tables module.

For Linux servers that don't load the module, we've provided instructions to load them immediately, and to configure the Linux server to automatically load them at boot.

App management

Advanced logging setting in Company Portal app

The Enable Advanced Logging setting is available in the Intune Company Portal app versions v5.2202 and higher for iOS/iPadOS and macOS. Device users can able to enable or disable advanced logging on a device. By turning on advanced logging, detailed log reports will be sent to Microsoft to troubleshoot issues. By default, the Enable Advanced Logging setting will be off. Device users should keep this setting off unless otherwise instructed by their organization's IT admin. For related information, see Share Company Portal usage data with Microsoft and Manage Company Portal preferences for macOS.

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